At Qualpack, we’re offering a range of house moving boxes, assembled into moving kits to match your needs. Instead of spending time estimating how many boxes you’ll need for your move, we’ve spent some time doing that for you.


Intro to Small Moving House Kit


When you need a moving kit made up of the essential items for your packing, our small moving house kit is perfect for you. It has much more than the basics: besides the 20 medium and large house moving boxes, you’ll get other packaging supplies as well. These include items such as brown packaging tape (50mm x 66m), a tape gun, 25 white heavy-duty refuse sacks and 50 meters of 500mm wide bubble-wrap.


With the Qualpack small moving house kit, you will have the necessary packaging products for your house or office.


All of our house moving boxes for sale are made of high-quality, double-walled cardboard suitable for all your bulkier items. The additional items in the package are all the essentials needed to complete the packing process.


Intro to Medium Moving House Kit


We are offering medium moving house kits with 30 double-walled boxes and a load of other packaging supplies. From heaps of bubble wrap to fragile print tape, it contains a variety of supplies to help you move your home or office. A medium kit should be just enough if you’re moving a 2 or 3-bedroom house.


If you’re planning on moving and are struggling to make a list of supplies you’ll need for packing, then our medium kit will offer the right number of boxes along with the essential products you’ll need.


When you buy house moving boxes in a medium kit, rest assured that the boxes are made of high-quality, double-walled cardboard that can withstand the weight of your largest items.


Intro to Large Moving House Kit


Our largest moving house kit is our ultimate kit for your move! Containing 60 double-walled moving boxes and meters and meters of bubble wrap, it also comes with 50 heavy-duty refuse sacks.


If you’re moving a 4 or 5-bedroom house, you’ll need a large number of boxes and other packaging supplies, plenty of which are in the Qualpack large house moving kit. You don’t have to spend any time struggling to assess how many boxes or supplies you’ll need. Just order a large moving house kit from Qualpack, and get to the job of packing right away!


Intro to Student Moving House Kit


For our Student Moving House Kit, we thought of students and what they need to make a successful and quick move. With just the right number of boxes and the amount of packing supplies, you’ll be able to move to or from your accommodation in no time.


A student’s move typically requires ten boxes for clothing, books, and other items. The student kit includes the other needed supplies such as bubble wrap, brown packaging tape, and white heavy-duty refuse sacks.


Our Student Moving House Kit is perfect for moving to a 1-bedroom place, even if you’re not a student.