Grip Self Seal Bags Packaging Supplies

Grip/Self Seal Bags

We have a large range of sizes and thickness to choose from. Grip Seal bags are made from transparent polythene, and are ideal for collating small items, where reclosure is important.

Grip Seal bags have a plastic fastening strip that clicks shut and pulls open, making them the ideal resealable bag.

Self seal bags are available in plain or printed with a peel and seal self adhesive strip.

Plastic Bags Packaging Supplies

Vest Carrier Bags

We have a large range of sizes, thickness and colours to choose from.

  • Plain HD Vest Carrier Bags
  • Takeaway HD Vest Carrier Bags
  • Recycled Vest Carrier Bags
  • S-Range (Bottle Bags)
  • LDS Range (Thicker and Glossy)
  • Striped HD Vest Carrier Bags (white and Red or Blue)


Poly Bags Packaging Supply Store

Poly Bags

Poly Bags are used in just about every industry for all sorts of applications. Common uses of Poly Bags include packaging of food, packaging of industrial products, packaging of retail products etc.

  • All Sizes / Thickness
  • Clear / Coloured or Printed
  • Flat Pack or POR
  • Plain or Anti-Static
Refuse Bags Packaging Supplies

Refuse Bags

Refuse bags are a convenient and sanitary way of handling rubbish. Refuse bags are particularly useful for wet or messy rubbish and food waste.

  • Refuse Bags available Flat Pack or POR
  • Available in 26″ x 44″
  • Other sizes on request
  • Colours available are Black, Clear or Coloured
Food Grade Liner Packaging Supplies

Food Grade Film

We have Food Grade liners, Films and Bags available in a range of sizes, thickness and colours/tints. Our Food Grade Films are ideal for lining cardboard or plastic boxes/crates to protect your product. Our Food Grade Films are strong and durable and can be used for the protection of all food types e.g. Meat/Dairy/Fruit and Veg.