Anti-Static Bubble Wrap


Manufactured in our Limerick factory, Large bubble wrap is the best material for providing a combination of surface protection, shock absorption and void-fill.

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Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

Excellent Protection for Storage and Transport

Manufactured to ISO standards at out Limerick Plant

Qualpack manufacture the most extensive range, offering Small Bubble and Large Bubble, Standard and Heavy-Duty Grades, on Roll or In a Box. We also produce Anti-Static Bubble Wrap and rolls can be cut to different widths

Protect your precious or valuable items in transit or storage with Qualpack Bubble Wrap. It’s the best light weight protection available: – protecting from Shock / Vibration / Damage

Air pockets pad your items protecting them. Bubble wrap is also very useful for filling spaces and gaps in packages, stopping your valuables from rattling or moving around and getting broken.

  • Pink in colour
  • Protects products that are sensitive to static electricity
  • Manufactured with specific anti-static properties Ideal for fragile items
  • 10mm bubble cell
  • Manufactured using strong polythene
  • Great all-round protection
  • Waterproof & Lightweight
  • Large Bubble Roll Length – 100 metres

Antistatic Bubble film will not produce electrostatic charges during handling. Static charge is dissipated over the surface of the film preventing discharge onto the electronic device packaged. Note: the customer should always test suitability.

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1 X 750mm – 100m, 1 X 500mm – 100m