Pot Plant – Frost Protection Hoods


Harnessing the amazing insulation qualities of the Air Pockets in our Bubble Wrap, we have developed the best frost protection for your plants.

Made from our heavy-duty bubble to be tough for outdoors.

Traditional frost protection sheets try and prevent the frost from getting on to the plant, but our Frost Protection Hoods go much further.

The bubble hood is thicker creating a much bigger barrier for the frost to penetrate, as with all living things there are ongoing chemical reactions within a plant. These reactions cause the plant to create heat, the insulating properties of our hoods causes the heat to dissipate slower giving your plant the best possible protection

Our Frost Protection Hoods are ideal to cover plants in your garden or in pots.

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Small – 300mm x 400mm pack of 20
Medium- 400mm x 550mm pack of 10
Large – 700mm x 900mm pack of 5

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