Printed “Fragile” Tape


Our range of tapes can be used across all industries. Our range of tapes include both PVC and polypropylene, masking gum, double sided, coloured, printed, low noise and reinforced tapes.

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We offer a comprehensive range of plain and printed adhesive tapes in both PVC or Polypropylene.

We supply tapes for every application and industry, from standard carton sealing tape, masking tape, double sided tapes or floor marking tape to our large specialty and technical tape range. We also carry a full range of dispensers and case sealers. Contact our sales team today about these,

Printed “Fragile” Tape

In the busy world of transport your package/box is just another item to be moved from A to B as quickly as possible. It will more than likely change hands many times before it arrives at its destination.

By applying printed “Fragile” Tape your package/box is highlighted as “In Need of Special Care and Attention” thus ensuring your delicate items that all important extra help to arrive safely.

  • All tapes should be stored above 18° for optimum performance

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50mm X 66m – 36 rolls per box


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