Bopp Film Packaging Supplies

BOPP Films

Biaxially Oriented Coextruded Polypropylene films with heat sealable outer layers. Designed to be used as both plane or in lamination. It can be used on a wide range of packaging equipment from VFFS, HFFS and Carton Overwrap giving strong seals and excellent hot tack. Also passed for direct food contact.

Thickness available 20, 25, 30, 35 micron and slit to bespoke widths and lengths.

End Use: Medical, Bakery, Confectionary, IT, Frozen Fods, Fresh Produce and a wide range of other applications and industries.

Also available are Coated OPP Films for barrier properties and extended shelf life.

Clear Plastic Garment Covers Packaging Supplies

Laundry / Garment Covers

We have garment covers and blue laundry bags in stock.

  • Garment Covers 40″ & 54″
  • Blue Laundry Bags 26 x 35 x 150G
Document Enclosed Envelopes Packaging Supply Store

Document Enclosed Envelopes

We have a wide range of both plain and printed document enclosed envelopes available to protect your paperwork for all deliveries.

  • Plain or printed
  • Sizes Available: A7, A6, A5, A4
Crimpers Seals Packaging Supply Store

Strapping Accessories

Our range of accessories includes a wide range of tensioners, sealers and dispensers for all types of strapping. We also have a wide range of seals  and buckles.

  • Tensioners / Sealers
  • Combination Tools
  • Dispenser Kits
  • Seals / Buckles
  • Battery powered Strapping Tools
  • Semi Automatic Strapping Machines
  • Automatic Strapping Machines
Oscillated Wound Steel Strapping Packaging Supplies


Our range of strapping includes polypropylene, polyester, steel and stainless steel. We also supply clips, buckles, tools and many other accessories required for your strapping needs.

  • PP Hand Strapping – 12mm x 0.9mm x 1,000 Mts, yellow/black
  • PP Machine Strapping – 5mm to 12mm
  • Polyester Strapping – the strong, safer alternative to steel.
  • Bale Strapping – 9mm x 500mt,  16mm x 425mt
  • Steel Strapping – 13mm to 19mm Ribbon wound or Mill wound
  • Stainless Steel Strapping – High resistance to corrosion. Suitable for use in food processing, marine and medical installation. Available widths: 12mm, 16mm and 19mm.
S Shaped Polystyrene Packaging Supplies

S Shaped Polystyrene

S Shaped Polystyrene (loosefil) is ideal to protect and cushion your goods in transit or storage. It is also an ideal void fill material.

Machine Pallet Wrap Rolling Packaging Supplies

Machine Pallet Wrap

Our machine pallet wrap is available in various widths and thickness. Machine wrap is a quick and cost effective method of securing loads. 

Our machine wrap is strong and durable and ensures pallets and products are secured during transport or storage.

Available in standard, PP or anti-static.

Sizes available:

  • 500mm x  23µm
  • 450mm x  23µm
  • Other sizes available on request
Grip Self Seal Bags Packaging Supplies

Grip/Self Seal Bags

We have a large range of sizes and thickness to choose from. Grip Seal bags are made from transparent polythene, and are ideal for collating small items, where reclosure is important.

Grip Seal bags have a plastic fastening strip that clicks shut and pulls open, making them the ideal resealable bag.

Self seal bags are available in plain or printed with a peel and seal self adhesive strip.

Plastic Bags Packaging Supplies

Vest Carrier Bags

We have a large range of sizes, thickness and colours to choose from.

  • Plain HD Vest Carrier Bags
  • Takeaway HD Vest Carrier Bags
  • Recycled Vest Carrier Bags
  • S-Range (Bottle Bags)
  • LDS Range (Thicker and Glossy)
  • Striped HD Vest Carrier Bags (white and Red or Blue)


FIBCS Custom Designs Packaging Supplies

Custom Designs

We manufacture a wide range of FIBC types and can design a bespoke product to safely and economically transport and store a vast variety of products. Options include anti-static and dissipative anti-static properties, conductive bags, baffle bags, sift- proof, food grade and UN certified in an assortment of sizes and filling and discharging options.

Tunnel Lift Packaging Supplies

Tunnel Lift

Popular in the aggregate industry for safe handling reasons these bags are quick and safe to load and unload onto trucks. The erect tunnel enables single-handed handling. Most common in 800 to 1000kg load weights other sizes are available to order. Can be printed up to 4 colour on 4 sides at point of manufacture for maximum marketing impact.

4 Loop Packaging Supply Store

4 Loop

Basic bags available from stock in most popular sizes. Unique, fast turnaround local over-print service available for up to 3 colours, 2 sides. Also custom design service to order incorporating a wide range of filling and discharging options.